Wandure is a mobile platform

that allows travelers to go on unique experiences created by real locals

or find like-minded travel buddies

in their area.

         Flow Filters offers reusable air filtration systems for odor elimination and air quality control with specialties

in marijuana consumer products and hydroponics.

     Poly manufactures small-scale plastic recycling systems that use shredding and moulding machines

to transform discarded plastic into useful products.

          Pat & Matt is a creative company with a cloud-based application controlled

by rowing coaches' smart phones to

enhance the process of running time


  UrbanDash is a local service market

place that helps customers find and

hire trusted service providers like electricians, plumbers, and laundry services etc.

         Happy Light has developed a system

 to save over 60% on hydro bills for end-user

 consumers and provides power corporation

 with data analytics on home energy

 consumption habits.

    Thawrih is an inclusive athletic apparel company

that focuses on quality sports gear such as sport

hijabs and turbans. It aims to be socially responsible

and as a result all their headgear is handmade in

Ottawa by newly-arrived immigrants.


         Noibu allows high-end retailers to

leverage their storefronts in virtual reality

so online shoppers can experience the same emotions  and customer journey as shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. Shop in Paris, London and LA from any where in the world.

    Neappoli has developed a mobile

plat-form that aims to engage city

residents by facilitating issue reporting

in real time. It strives to help people and governments build reliable, collaborative

and stronger communities.

    EthicalTree is a free directory for conscious consumers looking for stores, restaurants and other businesses that align with their values. It

also helps businesses attract more customers from the rapidly-growing conscious consumer market by providing data-generated and highly targeted marketing services.


CareHub is a cloud based platform that helps early learning centers manage their business and engage with parents instantly.

Health Sensor Solutions is developing a contact-less wellness monitoring system for seniors living in institutional care facilities.

Canny Vision offers a virtual reality public speaking training platform that helps people reduce their fear of public speaking using immersive and interactive environments.

Desk Nibbles delivers delicious snack subscriptions to awesome offices.

deCODE is an online recruitment tool that empowers recruiters to test candidates via work sample tests.

LVD Fitness is a strength lifestyle apparel brand for the socially conscious-athlete.

Microbright is a company that uses the power of microbes to remove toxic metals from water.

TEHO makes the coolest tech gadgets for your everyday life.

Transparent Kitchen is a
first-of-its-kind digital management company specializing in the independent food marketplace.

Twelve Barrels is a blender and marketer of whisky, embodying the spirit of independence, ambition and Canadian history.

VitalTracer is a medical smartwatch that continually measures, records and stores all vital signs while the user goes about their daily routine.

Welbi uses fitness trackers to help families take care of a loved one at risk.

ZoomMate is an online platform to find compatible roommates for the ideal home.



Ample3D offers customizable 3D architectural designs through mobile and VR applications.

UnCo simplifies the wardrobe-curation experience for women entrepreneurs and innovators in their fields who are low on time and high in ambition and social consciousness.

Discoverly provides

post-secondary institutions with highly qualified leads with a machine-learning tool that helps students select the right program.

Go Give-Back helps charitable causes and organizations seamlessly collect live donations.

The Growcer provides fresh and affordable produce for remote communities by retrofitting shipping containers with aquaponic technology.

Kegshoe provides breweries with a simple solution to track and manage their kegs.

SmartKart delivers your groceries & alcohol right to your doorstep in under

2 hours.

Spectrafy is reinventing the way the world measures sunlight and the atmosphere with low cost hardware and break-through software.

Spiderwort develops low cost open source scientific equipment for the modern lab.

Spivo helps adventurers and athletes create captivating videos by instantly switching between filming themselves and their surroundings.

Timsle helps you stay on track with your daily goals through an accountability network.

YouCollab allows YouTube Creators to collaborate with each other easily and efficiently.


CigBins is a cigarette butt collection and recycling service that provides property owners and municipalities with innovative disposal units and efficient collection.

eCelery brings diverse ethnic flavours directly to your table by giving talented chefs in your neighborhood the opportunity to run their own business by providing them with marketing, online ordering and delivery.

Deporte Conex's service provides a modern gamified approach to the athlete recruitment process by improving the engagement between athletes and coaches.

Enplex is reinventing the social experience of networking. The Enplex smartband keeps track and provides contact information to and from connections made with a handshake or fist bump.

Hyre provides a platform that connects event organizers directly with event staff. Event staff can be screened based on performance ratings, wage, skills, and proficiencies.

GameStrat provides football coaches with a platform for

in-game play analysis by capturing and organizing

still-photos of each play.

HubTrek is an all-inclusive indoor navigation and communication platform for large businesses and campuses, helping students, staff, and visitors find their way.

CampusQuest is bringing augmented reality to a gamified location based engagement platform using all the navigation tools already installed on a smartphone.

Oat & Mill has developed an organic oat-based dairy-free

ice cream that not only provides a healthy dairy-free alternative, but also a delicious one!

Predikat offers a predictive technology solution to help companies anticipate when a customer is likely to leave and provides specific information on preventative action required to retain each customer.

Tyto Robotics has created the RC Benchmark text tool, a hardware and software solution that gives UAV, robot, and drone designers the ability to test and select the right parts for their design.

RepairQuote is a web-based application that allows customers to request, receive, and review quotes from car repair shops in the area.

CampusGrids offers a mobile app allowing the promotion of events directly to a targeted student demographic based on specific interests.

DroneAid, using a variety of unmanned vehicles, will acquire information for businesses operating in fields of agriculture, oil and gas, and real estate.

Rebate Golf is an innovative white label mobile application that takes the 19th century coupon and integrates 21st century big data technology in a way that helps save golfers time and money.

PrintEarth offers 3D printing services and manufactures a 100% biodegradable bio-plastic filament that matches the performance of standard plastic filament while cutting down on operational costs by 25%.

Cosmeceutica Biotech has developed an economically scalable method of manufacturing recombinant proteins.

HPC Enterprises is an
import-export business that will deliver the beloved brands and flavours dear to the hearts of individuals that are not available in the country in which they ultimately live.

Mama Ninja produces authentic Asian foods that are made in Canada and branded for the North American market, delivering delicious high quality Asian food to your table.

Cavara (formerly Modern Market) is an online one-stop shop for vegan, eco-conscious, and fair trade products. This "ethical Amazon" provides the best fair trade goods.

Gymtrack offers a system to gyms that allows their members to automatically track all of their workouts, including free weight, bodyweight, barbell, weight stack, and cardio exercises.

OrbitHub offers a simple-to-use web-based solution designed to help recreational clubs and associations manage sport programming and use their resources more efficiently.

Standpoint offers a unique smartphone case with a

hands-free design that allows a smartphone to be placed anywhere and at any angle increasing the usability and enjoyment you can get from your device.



Art & Science Journal is a website and print publication about artworks that deal with themes of science, nature, and technology.

Celverum focuses on the development of a new cancer therapeutic to treat leukemia.

Cervelle creates original Canadian handmade electric guitars created from the wood of local sustainably managed forests.

Web-based construction photography management system.

Kintelligent Systems creates biomechanics software to

post-process motion capture data. The software allows biomechanics professionals to significantly reduce the time required to process large datasets.

MicroMetrics uses mobile technologies to provide retail and service-based businesses with more effective tools for collecting customer feedback, promoting customer engagement, and optimizing sales.

Tasty Moments enhances customer and employee relations by offering a tote with locally produced handmade gifts.

White River Innovation: Memory alloy linear actuator and seal for motors.


Campus Tec is your local, friendly computer repair facility owned and staffed by students. Campus Tec experts will diagnose and repair computer problems to let you get back to work.

Remay is the creator of

Vanilla Shower TimeTM ,

a shaving cream transformed into a sold form to help ease and speed-up the shaving process while in the shower.

Inception Lab Inc. is a cofounder matching service designed to help you find

like-minded people with similar risk-appetite in your community.

Seberatech is an Ottawa-based online seller of PC laptop & smartphone parts and accessories.

MyOfficeTool provides clients with a simple means to gather and communicate valuable information within a complex organization.

SimpleTask.ca is a website that connects busy people who need tasks completed to reliable individuals willing to complete them.

Proximify offers an online platform to help organizations create social matching solutions to foster collaboration and increase social interaction among their members.

Spoonity has created an innovative loyalty and rewards program for quick service restaurants with leading edge technology. Customers use an app or key chain tag to earn rewards and build status based on spending.


Gnow it is a provider of strategic web intelligence. They help organizations find and act on the crucial information found in news sites, blogs and in online transcripts of government proceedings. They bring users the real-time insights needed to take quick, decisive action.

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